We need to be aware of what goes onto our land.

What the effects of the various fertilisers on our soils will be in the short and long term.

We step in and offer to pass on knowledge and provide guidance about soil management and studious fertiliser application. The farmers who we work with become enthused about learning what goes on in there soil. Generally it has never been explained and often because fertiliser is treated only as a sale rather than being part of a planned program. Our focus is on helping you achieve better results for the longer term.

We are here to help you build a healthy mineral rich soil that will support all farming systems from pastural, cropping to horticulture.

We offer comprehensive soil testing (now using the eurofins nz lab)

  • Customised fertiliser recommendations

  • Tailor made Fertiliser blends

  • Where ever possible will Use natural environmentally friendly fertiliser products

Soil, the thin mantle on the earth’s surface, sustain us. It is the skin of the earth and the foundation of life.